Benefit sanctions are not fair and are not helping people into work

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Hierarchy of human needs – Abraham Maslow

If we  cannot fulfil our most basic survival needs, we cannot be motivated or “incentivised” to do anything else.


Here are two articles about the terrible, extremely harsh and punitive consequences of the governments’ historically regressive, ethical challenging benefit sanctions regime. This is a very cruel and limited application of operant conditioning, the government are applying punishment to vulnerable people who need the support of lifeline benefits to meet their fundamental survival needs. 

The punishments are applied most frequently to the most vulnerable. Our welfare system was designed to support people, but under the Tory-led Coalition, it has been transformed into an administration that is run on unethical principles, akin to the Milgram experiment, with the difference that the punishments used are real, and decisions to punish welfare claimants is resulting in very real, terrible consequences.

It’s a biological fact that when…

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