David #Cameron is complicit in #Israel’s crimes in #Gaza (#middleeast #humanrightsact #uk #politics)

Order Of Truth

camgazaSince the Zionist government announced it was to initiate brutal and disproportionate military action against the people of Gaza, David Cameron has remained fairly silent.

Instead of criticising the blatant crimes Israel is committing by targeting civilian homes and killing hundreds of ordinary people, Cameron’s only public comment so far is that Israel ‘has the right to defend itself’.

No one is arguing that any state should not have the right to defend itself, but defence is very different from a purposeful invasion of foreign territory using tactics which result in the murder of hundreds of civilians – war crimes

As far as we know, Cameron has never stated that Gaza also has the right to defend itself. Therefore Cameron has showed incredible bias towards Israel by definition.

Israel has been itching to cause trouble in the area for a long time, and the refusal of Hamas to engage in…

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