Is David #Cameron’s madness getting worse? (#uk #politics)

Order Of Truth

madcJust as we are getting to the time when the current government will well and truly bite the dust, it seems that the madness of David Cameron is going into overdrive.

First of all, he tries to railroad his mass surveillance policy through Parliament (having failed in his tactics on several occasions), and is forced to make significant changes in the hope of gaining all party support.

Then we have his lunatic comments on Israel’s genocidal activities in the Gaza Strip (also known as an open prison) where he defends Israel’s disproportionate actions against Palestinian civilians. No doubt he would have made a very different statement if the same thing were happening in Iran or Syria.

In yet another lunatic statement, on the day that public sector workers took strike action against the government’s ridiculous and unnecessary ‘austerity’ policies, Cameron has stated that he will crack down on public sector…

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