SO The Drugs Don’t Work….

This is my first Blog. I’ve never done this before, often thought about it but thought ‘what’s the point no one will read it’.. But I’ve got to a stage in life where Tweeting in Twitterworld or posting on Facebook waiting for a ‘like’ just so you know you are not completely alone isn’t helping.

I have a long term illness. It’s not an illness that fits into a neat box or can be given a nice snappy one world title. This is not meant to dismiss anyone with a long term illness. It’s just mines a weird one. But then it’s great to be unique isn’t it? I’ve always liked being an ‘individual ‘ hated assumptions about the sort of person I am.

I’m just… Well I’m just me … Like you dear reader are …. Well…..
‘Just you’.

I’m also a vain ole bat who likes to put…

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