Unemployment higher than reported as bungling government omits Universal Credit claimants from official figures

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Now, imagine if you will for a minute, that you made cock up after cock up in your place of work. What do you think might happen? written warning? P45? WHY is this incompetent minister still in office. I remember when I was nursing, someone said to me that a ward is only as good as the Sister running it…. I rest my case. Get rid of IDS and the DWP is bound to improve!

Beleaguered: Iain Duncan Smith, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

Benefit claimants on the government’s flagship welfare scheme have been kept off official unemployment figures, the government has admitted.

Errors by Iain Duncan Smith’s bungling Department of Work and Pensions have meant those on the new Universal Credit scheme are being excluded from the official “claimant count” figure used to measure the number of people out of work.


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