Here is How the UK Govt Hid 1 million Jobless From Today’s Unemployment Figures

Lets just recap on how the Tories fiddle the unemployment figures, see the evidence here in this blog from Jan 2014 courtesy of The Siege of Britain


I found this on Facebook after being posted by a friend of mine, Leon Inclusion Carter, which relates to an article by Kerry Anne Mendoza. The article is below.

Here is How the UK Govt Hid 1 million Jobless From Today’s Unemployment Figures

Kerry-anne  January 22, 2014   Class Warfare Exists

The UK government today announced that unemployment has fallen by 167,000 to 7.1%. But the government of David Cameron is engaged in the long honoured tradition of manipulating job statistics by removing eligibility for welfare, and using government work programmes and underemployment to mask the real issues facing UK jobseekers and workers.

Messing with the Figures


The UK has the Thatcher government to thank for the majority of the statistical trickery which currently renders the government released unemployment figures redundant. Prior to 1979, the unemployment rate was anyone registered as unemployed, this was converted to a percentage of the…

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