Merkel & Juncker land Cameron in a bunker: If only the Prime Minister read The Slog

As usual, The Slog hits the nail right on its head with this bruising criticism of Doomed David Cameron and his massacre in Europe today.

The Slog

The Daily Telegraph today calls the PM’s opposition to Jean-Claude Juncker as President of Europe “Cameron’s Big Mistake”. But on seeing the headline, my immediate response was, “Which one?”

Hedging his bets in the 2010 election, support for Erdogan in 2011, adventurism in Libya, friendships with Charlie and Rebekah Brooks, getting gung-ho over Syria, employing Andy Coulson and Leon Brittan….the list is endless. The overwhelming majority of evidence in relation to Cameron’s judgement and behaviour is that he has no judgement – and knows not how to behave. How fortunate he is to face nothing more menacing in Parliament than the Ed Miller Band.

But also, how much more buoyant the Prime Minister’s fortunes would be if he was a Slogger! For in January of 2012 he could’ve read the Slogpost at the end of this link:

Key observations include ‘Angela Merkel is driven by the ideal of technocratic…

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