Claimants – know your rights on sanctions.

Ipswich Unemployed Action.

This very useful new leaflet, by UNITE and the Public and Commercial Services Union has been brought to our attention (original here).

Claimants – know your rights on sanctions.


  1. Always read your Jobseekers Agreement/Claimant Commitment – this will specify exactly what steps you need to take each week, what hours you  are available for and how far you are expected to travel.
  2. It essentially acts as a contract; you can disagree with it if you think the steps are unreasonable.
  3. The JSA Regulations do not specify that claimants must keep written records of your job search.
  4. However, encouraging a claimant to keep a written record of the steps they have taken can help you to remember what you have done, and will help to build up a picture of the progress the claimant is making in their efforts to find work. (Labour Market Conditions Guide 2000)

The steps that are reasonable will vary from claimant…

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