Can we sue the Government?

An interesting thought from juxtaposed…God, imagine if we could sue the govn for all their ineptitude, in fact suing just IDS & McVey there wouldn’t be any Court time left for day to day criminals!!


Can we sue our government? I don’t know how feasible this is. There is no research in this post. This is because, not only am I no expert – not on anything actually (though I think I have more inkling than I’m allowing in this post) – but I am sensible enough to know that I could research until the cows come home and it will still come down to the will and authoritative arguments of those who are actually qualified – and maybe a jury. This is just a layperson putting an idea out and into the ether.

Unless one lives on another planet, is one of the deliberately deaf and blind Alright-Jacks or the I’ll-only-pay-for-mine Brigade, one can’t fail to register the growing inequality of treatment, wealth/prosperity and opportunity perpetuated by this Government. For those with eyes to see, the march towards a fascistic system is clearly in…

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