Exaro Exclusive: The magnificent seven MPs campaign for independent inquiry into historic child sex abuse

Westminster Confidential

Zac Goldsmith MP Zac Goldsmith MP

An important step was taken today when seven MPs wrote to Theresa May asking for an independent panel inquiry to be launched into repeated failures by police to investigate thoroughly historic cases of child sexual abuse. They want the equivalent of the investigation into the Hillsborough disaster.The initiative came from Zac Goldsmith, the Conservative MP for Richmond, who has become acutely aware that the Met Police have still not got to the bottom of the historic child sex scandal at Elm Guest House in his constituency despite two people due to stand trial.

He decided that the issue was too important to become a political football and that an all party approach – it involves MPs from four parties- Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat and Green- was the best way forward. Caroline Lucas MP Caroline Lucas MP

The result is revealed on the Exaro website today in two reports by me…

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