Amnesty International has condemned the erosion of human rights of disabled people in UK

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 Dr Simon Duffy recently wrote an outstanding briefing: How the cuts target disabled people  which shows very clearly how the poorest and most vulnerable are paying for an economic problem that they did not cause.
Austerity has never had any moral legitimacy, or indeed any other kind of basis for validity. We know it isn’t working. Osborne’s careful selection of “leading economists” to endorse his damaging austerity program meant that he carefully excluded those who presented valid criticisms of the centrepiece of Osborne’s strategy: accelerated austerity for purely ideological ends, (see also Minarchism: the Nightwatchman State), and it halted the recovery that happened under the previous Labour Government. Much of the case for austerity also rests on The great debt lie and the myth of the structural deficit.

The widespread and relentless use of Tory propaganda in the media has undermined public support and…

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