Michelle Burns

This morning Keith Lindsay-Cameron wrote this letter to the Prime Minister



The Claimant Commitment Contract


Iain Duncan Smith and Lord Freud have put slavery back on the statute books of Britain!


The new claimant commitment contract means that claimants sign away their sovereign rights to freedom of choice, life and liberty to a DWP slave master or overseer.


Claimants who refuse to sign the slavery certificate will be denied the means of survival. It is either complete obedience to the state or starve.


Policy Aims:


The conditionality regime will recast the relationship between the citizen and the State from one centred on ‘entitlement’ to one centred on a contractual concept that provides a range of support in return for claimant’s meeting an explicit set of responsibilities, with a sanctions regime to encourage compliance.


The terms which individual slaves must adhere to are defined…

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