Another ESA-related death but the DWP wants us to believe there’s no connection

How many more poor souls must die before a public correlation is made between these unnecessary deaths and the dreaded Work Capability Assessment, not to mention the entire benefit system too.
With the previously known 10,000+ deaths within 6 weeks of an ESA/DLA claim ending, and an estimated further 30,000+ from 2012 to 2014,this is fast approaching to be genocide on a massive scale. This is the United Kingdom for fucks sake, with a supposed ELECTED government, not some military junta from South America or a Military Dictatorship like North Korea!

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The latest person to die while facing a change to his sickness benefit is Neil Groves, who was hit by a train at Surbiton station on his 46th birthday.

Mr Groves died just after 7.30pm on February 13. His father Ronald, 78, told local paper the Kingston Guardian a potential change to his son’s Employment and Support Allowance “must have” weighed on him.

He said: “He has obviously had it in his mind. They basically told him that his assessment was coming up again.

“He knew it probably would be the end of his sickness and disability and he would go back on to [Jobseekers’ Allowance].

“He said he would not be able to manage on that wage a week. It is all part and parcel of it.”

Mr Groves had received Incapacity Benefit for some years, his father said, which was stopped after an assessment, and he was not…

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