Atos ‘death threats’ claim – ‘outrageous’ insult to those its regime has killed

If there were any real death threats made, most likely these were either anonymously posted or emailed to the company or were done via phone calls to the main switchboards. I doubt they were made directly to any person doing an assessment by the person being assessed.

We go into those rooms absolutely shit scared, nervously hoping we dont give them any reason to mark us fit for work, and praying they realise how disabled and incapable of work we are.

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“If this isn’t intimidation, I don’t know what is – it’s a very clear message to anyone: How dare you protest against us and, if you do, we’ll find you fit for work!” Anti-Atos protester Joanne Jemmett with the sign left by Atos workers outside the assessment centre in Weston-Super-Mare on Wednesday (“Fit enough to protest – fit enough to work!”) at the start of this short film documenting the demonstration there.

Watching the stories stack up in the wake of the national day of protest against Atos last Wednesday has been very interesting.

The immediate response was that Atos has approached the government, seeking an early end to its contract. This deal, under which Atos administers the hated Work Capability Assessments to people on incapacity or disability benefits, would have been worth more than £1 billion to the company over a 10-year period.

Allegedly, company employees have been receiving death…

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