818k benefit claimants sanctioned since end 2012 – and what came before

Over 3/4 of a Million sanctions issued in just over 14 months since the end 0f 2012, over 800,000 in fact. DWP will more than likely aim for the big 1,000,000 sanctions count between now and the General Election in May 2015!


Found this article on the Touchstone blog because it links to my post about this government calling benefit sanctions an ‘achievement’. It’s essential reading, as it shows in clear, graphical form not just how sanctions under the ConDems have risen by an insane 818,000 just since the end of 2012, but also the staggering rise that happened before then, which the latest figures came on top of.

This government is persecuting benefit claimants, and demonising them, with the help of the media, as parasites and scroungers (even though most are working people) in order to justify the persecution of some of our most disadvantaged people.

Please read the article and spread the word.

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