Orange/EE pt 2: More damaging, irresponsible nonsense


I wrote yesterday about how Orange/EE had defamed me, damaged my credit record and caused me massive inconvenience with the banks. The comedy of errors continues.

Here’s the latest email I’ve had to send to their CEO and head of customer service, after being fobbed off to the ‘executive office’ and its ‘our standard response time is 72 hours’ crap, with the email trail in reverse order:

The latest instalment in your nonsense:

I received a call this afternoon from one of your team leaders, Darren Lambert. Mr Lambert advised me that as a ‘goodwill gesture’ you were prepared to cancel the £10 ‘debt’, but that Orange would not issue any apology or admission of error.

Not only this, but he told me that you have no record of me paying you £560-odd to end my contract – and that as a result I would have to send, at my

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